Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Building Security

Tis The Season

For break-ins that is. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds. This occurrence only grows more frequent around the Holidays when thieves know homes are stocked with new electronics and families are gone for long periods of time. It might be time to make sure that your home is properly secured for this holiday season.

Tips and Tricks

  • Plan to "burglarize" yourself. You'll discover any weaknesses in your security system that may have previously escaped your notice.
  • If you lose your keys, change the locks immediately.
  • Don't leave notes for service people or family members on the door. These act as a welcome mat for a burglar.
  • Ask for credentials from any sales-person who requests entry to your home. Ask that their ID be pushed under the door. Many professional burglars use this cover to check out homes. If you're doubtful, check with the person's office before letting him or her in.
  • To help burglar-proof your home, install 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Do not leave extra keys under doormats, potted plants or any other obvious outdoor location. Thieves will generally find them. Find an inconspicuous place to hide the keys, or give a set to a neighbor you can trust

What If?

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, the best solution is to call 911 and get help. Now is not the time to be a hero and confront them; a surprised burglar is more likely to act violently. Always have a plan in place and remember to think clearly. Do you have a story of a theft or a break-in at your house? We'd love to feature you on an upcoming follow up article. Leave a comment below, shoot us a tweet @MAcondoMGMT on Twitter or post on our wall on Facebook

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grass Is Always Greener

Single Family VS Condominium

Thinking about buying your first property? It might be time to weigh the pros and cons of condominium living vs a single family home. It is only natural to think grass is greener on the other side.

Shared Expenses

One of the greatest advantages to condominium living are the shared costs of your homes’ expenses. Your set monthly fee is based on your percentage beneficial interest in the condominium. Don’t know yours? Check the Master Deed, it’s always recorded there. But what does it cover? In a condominium, water/sewer, insurance, landscaping, building repairs, electricity, heating can all be included in your monthly fee, which lowers your personal monthly exposure.

Who’s The Boss?

One of the biggest fears about condominium living is that you once you buy in, you agree to a set of rules and regulations as outlined within the condominium documents. Living in single family home, you do not answer to anyone else. It’s your house: your rules! In a condominium, there is an elected Board of Trustees that calls most of the shots. Make sure you read all condominium documents and bylaws before entering any home owners association

Find Your Home

With a well run board and a competent management company, condominium living can be extremely gratifying. Do have a preference? Let us know and leave a comment below, shoot us a tweet @MAcondoMGMT on Twitter or post on our wall on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!