Monday, August 12, 2019

Top 10 Design Tricks to Make Your Small Living Space Look Bigger

1. Built-in Storage

Furniture that comes with built-in storage is a great solution to make your small living space look brighter and bigger. One ideal example is an ottoman with hidden storage space. Furniture with built-in storage allows you to live in a clutter free space, which will open up your living area to look more spacious. 

2. Add Mirrors 

Mirrors do a great job of adding style to your apartment while also adding the illusion of more space. Large mirrors especially can add dimension to your space when they reflect and enhance the light. The best place for mirrors are either on white and well-illuminated walls, across from a window to let in natural light, or behind certain furniture pieces such as a chest or an end table. 

3. Use Light Paint Colors

Interior designers suggest painting rooms in light and calming colors to add the illusion of more space. Light paint colors will make a living area look bigger, brighter, and more open. 

4. Curtains 

Curtains can be strategically placed to make an apartment look more open and inviting. By hanging curtains higher than the window, you will instantly add more light and dimension to your living area. This technique is especially useful to spaces with low ceilings. It helps draw the eye upwards, making the space look less cramped and the ceilings look higher. If you are against the idea of curtains, you could use either Roman shades or blinds. They make the room look less crowded which leads to more space and openness. 

5. Create a Focal Point 

To make a space look bigger and more open, interior designers suggest choosing one aspect of the room to highlight something that is visually interesting. Eyes will be drawn to this focal feature immediately and people will pay less attention to the small size of the room. Some of the most common focal points used by homeowners are fireplaces, a wall, and artwork. When using a wall as a focal point, you can either paint it or cover it with wall decor or wallpaper. 

6. Rugs

A rug is the perfect decor accessory to make a room feel bigger while simultaneously adding style. If possible, use a large rug which extends beyond the furniture. This trick makes the room appear bigger, especially when the rug is placed under a couch, coffee table, and other furniture. A small rug will make the space feel limited and small. You can even use multiple rugs in one space to separate one room into smaller areas. 

7. Use Both Natural and Artificial Lighting 

Surprisingly, lighting has the greatest impact on interior design, and if it's done right, it can change the perception of a living space, making it feel larger than it actually is. Desk lamps, wall scones, and floor lamps are just a few example of lighting sources which will add space and openness to any room. You can also utilize natural lighting by placing a mirror across a window, it will enhance the sun by reflecting it from a window. 

8. Add Stripe Decor 

By incorporating striped decor into your interior design, such as striped rugs, you will help expand the room and make it look larger and more open. You can even paint the stripes onto the wall. Horizontal stripes make the room look expansive, while the vertical stripes will make it look taller. 

9. Creative Furniture Layout

Arranging furniture is one way to make a room appear more expansive and open. One way to do it is by adding separation between different rooms. For example, you can separate the living area from the dining room by arranging the chairs and sofa in a way that clearly outlines the distinction between the two spaces. Another way to make your space feel more open is by pushing your furniture against the wall. 

10. Multi-purpose furniture 

When living in a small space, you ideally want your furniture to serve many different purposes, allowing your space to be more open and inviting. The best options include a console table which also can be used as a desk, and a sleeper where you can sit during the day and sleep at night.