Monday, November 13, 2017

How to Make Your Boston Property Listings Stand Out Online

Marketing property listings online has become increasingly important, as more and more potential tenants and buyers search for future new homes on their mobile devices. Whether potential tenants are using a mobile browser, a laptop, or phone application, analyze how this approach will affect your property listings. To truly make your property rise above thousands of other listings, optimize your advertisements to a mobile format and focus on high quality advertisements.

Include Professional Photographs

Taking the time to ensure professional pictures of your property listings will give you a high advantage and make your properties stand out from the crowd. Many people scrolling through properties on mobile devices don't want to waste time reading, and only stop scrolling when they see an attractive picture which catches their interest. By taking professional pictures of your property, your listing is likely to attract more attention compared to real estate companies posting blurry cellphone pictures. Professional, beautiful photos are your first chance to make a good impression on potential buyers or renters. When taking professional photos, do your best to prepare the photos with professional staging techniques. Ensure the property is sparkling clean and free of distracting clutter before taking professional photographs.

Feature the Floor Plan

You can make your property stand out from thousands of similar properties online by featuring the floor plan. Many property listings skip over this important feature, so it may give your management company a competitive lead.

Incorporate Professional Video 

To gain a highly competitive advantage, consider shooting professional videos of the apartment or home. A very small percentage of property managers take the time to shoot and upload high quality video tours of their property listings, therefore you will gain a strong competitive edge.

Create Detailed and Luring Descriptions

Unnecessary details and long paragraphs can distract from your property's appealing features and discourage potential buyers. Craft concise and compelling descriptions, and avoid verbose details. People are extremely busy and want to know the most important features of the property without spending long periods of time reading through extraneous copy. Also, consider using bulleted lists to get your points across in an organized and concise manner. Breaking down your information into bulleted points will allow potential tenants and buyers to quickly scan for the imperative information they are searching for.

Avoid Unprofessional Sales Slang

Don't use common sales language that can cheapen your property and it's amenities. Avoid seedy sales language and inferior slang. Renters and buyers want to feel comfortable while browsing for properties that they are working with professional and serious property management companies.