Friday, December 28, 2012

Breathe Easy This Winter

By: Lauren Hale

As far as health goes, good air quality is of high importance.  New England Condominium shares their findings in a recent article posted on                                                      

“What happens in the wintertime is that you are solely relying on your HVAC system and with that you’re not getting an adequate amount of fresh air from the outside, especially residentially,” says Michael Capillo, principal owner of Continental Clean Air in Wakefield, Massachusetts. “If you have poor filter maintenance in your HVAC system you’re basically breathing in finer particulate that may be circulated through your home or condo, and that gives you a greater risk of getting sick or catching a cold or becoming ill with seasonal allergies. This time of year a lot of people neglect keeping an eye on their filter. It’s all based on usage. If it’s a real, real cold winter, that heating system is going to be running 24/7. So your filter is important.”

Do your part to ensure that you are living in a healthy indoor environment and take preventative measures to ensure your home is safe and free of harmful toxins.  Reach out to Premier Property Solutions to schedule the following services:

ü  Clean your HVAC system
ü  Replace your furnace filter         
ü  Inspect your vents, ducts and air handling units                                                                                           
Click on the following link to complete an online service request through PPS -- Maintenance Request

Happy, Safe Holidays!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Residential Building on A Street Just One of Many New Developments in South Boston

By: Robert Gorden

There will be a new 20 story building featuring a whopping 202 apartments near our Premier Property Solutions, LLC office located on A Street. The Portland Oregon based developer Mark Edlen of Gerding Elden decided to make a $120 million investment after visiting Boston on a recent trip.

This comes just one month after the construction of the Waterside Place housing development began on the South Boston waterfront. The development includes another 20 story building including 236 resident units, 10,000 square feet of retail space and 7,000 square feet of work space for start up companies.

Gerding Elden is one of four major waterfront developers who are making their mark on the area with their buildings, even in these difficult economic times. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino stated “From the very start of our plan for the waterfront, we knew housing would be a crucial part of the equation. There are a lot of exciting things happening down here, from the arts to the restaurants and more, and people want to be part of it.”

The other major developers who are investing in the waterfront are Joe Fallon at Fan Pier, Steve Karp at Pier 4 and John Haynes who is working on Seaport Square.

Just by walking around the Seaport District, it’s easy to see how much construction is underway and how much has already been done. The future for this area looks bright with many companies, restaurants and housing developments moving in. With the start of the new Edlen building on A Street, there will be close to 1,000 residential units under construction by the end of the year in this area.

This is an exciting time for the area, and with our Premier Property Solutions, LLC office located right in the middle of it all, we will have a front row view of the developments.  It will be exciting to see where it is today, compared to where it will be in the next five years.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Tips on How to Save Money, Be More Environmentally Friendly and Reduce Your Energy Usage as a Renter

By: Robert Gorden
As a renter, some tenants might not think about their electricity usage, especially if it is included in their rent.  However, it’s important to be conscious of your usage; not only to benefit the environment but to increase your savings. Here are twelve easy ways to help out:

1) Install a Programmable Thermostat. Installing this will save your unit a large amount of money. You can program it by temp, time, or cycle and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
      2)Turn Off Power Strips.  Most people turn their lights off when they leave a room, but not many people think to turn off the power strips when they are not in use. Even if the devices plugged into the strips are turned off, the power strips are still are using “dead” energy and costing you money.
     3) Set Your Water Temperature.  Setting your water heater with a max temp of 120 degrees will save energy and costs.  The average temperate used is 115 degrees, so you’re unlikely to notice a difference while using the water.
     4) Use Caulk or Weather Stripping.  Sealing around doors and windows allows the energy you’re using to stay inside your home.
     5) Install Light Dimmers or Sensors.  Dimmer switches give you a middle option between full usage and no usage.  Sensors are not only convenient, but they prevent energy waste in the event that someone forgets to turn off a light.
     6) Switch to CFL or LED Bulbs.  These bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient.  The downside is that they take a little longer to reach their full brightness.
     7) Get Some Air.  Open windows and use fans to increase airflow and create cross-breezes.
     8) Convert Your Flush.  You can also reduce the amount of water your toilet uses by installing a dual flush converter.  The kits are short money for big savings.  
     9) Lower Your Flow.  Switch to a low-flow showerhead. The average shower used 3-5 gallons of water PER MINUTE!  An easy showerhead swap will save you more money than you think.
     10) Share Your Drinks.  If you have quenched your thirst before finishing your glass of water, pour the leftovers on your plants
     11) Close Those Curtains.  Keeping your window curtains closed during the sunniest parts of the day will actually keep your unit cooler.
     12) Check Your Sources.  Ask your utility company if they offer electricity purchased from renewable sources.  Some programs are eligible for tax breaks and refunds.

Don’t forget to check with your landlord before making any permanent physical changes.  If you’re given the go-ahead, ask your landlord about reimbursements or rent credits for the upgrades to the unit.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Changes in Downtown Crossing

By: Robert Gorden

Downtown crossing used to be a vibrant, fun,  popular area with shops, restaurants and large amounts  of  foot traffic . With the Copley Mall and Newbury Street taking over as our primary shopping areas, Downtown Crossing hasn’t been the same. There were whispers of turning the area into  a student village for both Suffolk University and Emerson College, who both occupy parts of Downtown Crossing. Unfortunately, the idea lacked support from the beginning and never came to fruition.   Perhaps the biggest indicator that Downtown Crossing has lost its shine can be found in the empty lot which used to be Filene’s Basement.  The prime location has gone unoccupied for months.

Proposed Drawing of the Bulding
Yet there might be hope for Downtown Crossing after all. Recently, Millennium Partners has announced new design plans for a tower to fill the Filene’s Basement lot which will cost around 615 million dollars. The company plans to turn the land into a tower that would hold approximately 500 residences and would also offer 200,000 square feet of office space, 525 parking spaces and 230,000 square feet of retail stores. 

It would look similar to the John Hancock tower as it would be slim, but tall.  The possibility of that many people living in the building could bring the much needed activity the area’s been desperate for.  With the addition of this tower, up-scale shops, more restaurants and high end retail stores might be tempted to set up shop.   

However, as many businesses, retail shops and restaurants are making their way to the new and improved Seaport district, it might still be hard to lure companies to Downtown Crossing.  The popularity of the Seaport District is on the rise and quickly transforming into a bustling commerce center.  As our Boston Property Management office is located in the Seaport District, we’ve been able to see these changes first hand.

Millennium’s tower could be the start of Downtown Crossing’s renaissance.  It’s a prime location; sandwiched between the Financial District, Government Center and the Boston Common.  We’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats to see if this leads to a resurgence of Downtown Crossing. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heat Advisory 

By: Robert Gorden

Who's ready for some heat? The next couple days are going to be the warmest of the year so far with the temperatures reaching the mid 90's. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. If you are going to be out in the sun for in the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to wear sun block, or you might find yourself burnt to a crisp! We also suggest you check in on family, friends, and the elderly who do not have air conditioning or spend much of their time alone. Try to keep an eye out for others in need.

With warmer temperatures throughout the week and weekend, hopefully everyone will get to enjoy the nice weather!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Electrical Cars: Owners Rights and the Condominium Board's Responsibility

By: Robert Gorden

Chevrolet Electric Car while charging front view
Electrical Car Charging on the Street
In today’s world, it would be smart to start paying more attention to electrical cars. Not only are electrical cars more environmentally friendly, but with the price of oil on the rise, you can expect more people to start buying them to save money. 

There are many issues a Board of a condominium will have to discuss when thinking of implementing electrical car charging stations. Is the Association required to install electrical charging stations? Who should have to pay for them? If the board does allow the charging stations, where should they be located?

It turns out that Boards are not legally required to implement electrical car charging stations at their condominium. There is no law stating these stations are mandatory, but by not having one,  the condominium’s reputation may be hurt.  If charging stations are approved, the Unit Owners who need the electrical stations are the ones who should be required to pay the installation fees. It does not seem right to make Unit Owners who are not using these stations also pay the fees.  One suggestion for condominiums would be to have a separate meter where the electric car owners pay a separate electric bill for the charging stations.

Where to place these car-charging stations can also be tricky. If the Owners each have their own garages, then there is an easy solution. On the other hand, if there is a common garage or a parking lot it can be a little more difficult.  There may be friction among owners if the Board gives preferential treatment to one group over the other.

If parking spaces are not assigned, it may be best to put the charging station in one of the less “desirable” spots to appease both parties. The Owners who have electrical cars can continue using the stations and the Owners who do not have electrical cars should not feel like anyone received  special treatment. It is very important to accommodate all Owners in a condominium. With electrical cars on the rise, over the next few years this is an issue that more and more condominium Boards will be faced with. Each situation and building will be different, but these are some tips to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012's Walk for Hunger

With the help of over 41,000 walkers and 2,000 volunteers, Project Bread was able to raise 3.6 million dollars at the 44th annual Walk for Hunger event on May 6th in the Boston Common.  Included in the event were members from Premier Property Solutions, LLC who  participated to support such a great cause. The money Project Bread raised will continue to fund over 450 programs they offer which helps so many people throughout the city and state of Massachusetts who can't afford food. With the hard times going on in our world today, it was great to see so many people come out and walk to support the Walk for Hunger. The money raised will help the 700,000 people in Massachusetts who are struggling to put food on the table.
We wanted to thank the employees of Premier Property Solutions, LLC who participated as well as thousands of other walkers and volunteers for their dedication and support of's Walk for Hunger. It was great to participate in this event so close to many of the condominiums Premier Property Solutions, LLC manages.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FHA Relief

By: Isaiah Baril-Dore

Looser Restrictions

For any condo homeowners trying to sell, buy, or refinance in the last few years, they know the difficulty of trying to get a FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loan. Due to the housing crash, tight regulations were put on these type of low interest, low down payment loans to prevent default and further issues in condos which drag down the housing market. Most people in the industry thought these restrictions were too tight (see our blog post here about FHA) and prevent perfectly reasonable people from getting a loan.

It appears the FHA might be listening with the announcement yesterday that they will be re-working FHA guidelines to make getting a mortgage a bit easier. See full article about it here from the LA Times:

Good or Bad?

The question has to be asked... is it too soon to remove these regulations? Are people forgetting about the housing crash that we are still trying to get out of? These guidelines were meant to prevent homeowners from making bad investments and going belly up, but with the first sign of a turnaround in the housing market, the FHA is ready to loosen up its guidelines. Obviously there needs to be access to mortgages that are easy to acquire for homeowners, but at what cost? We will keep you posted when the FHA makes their official announcement in the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter or Facebook.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alley Rally

By: Isaiah Baril-Dore

Boston Shines!

On a bright Saturday morning, friends and neighbors of the Back Bay joined forces to help clean up the nieghborhood in the NABB's  annual Alley Rally event! Coordinating with Mayor Menino’s Citywide Cleanup, this year’s event will took place on Saturday April, 28th.  Premier Property Solutions came out in full force with over 10 volunteers; managers and maintenance alike took up the brooms to keep our city clean. 

Great Showing for 8:00AM Saturday Morning!

PPS making a difference
Event was a part of the City-wide "Boston Shines" initiative
Local colleges came out in force to help clean up

Volunteers of all ages helped out!

The NABB did an unbelieveable job with this event and we are excited to help out again next year. Between the coffee and donuts for breakfast and the pizza and sandwiches for lunch, they certainly kept the volunteers happy (and full!).

If you are interested in more events like this, check out the NABB here or the Boston Shines site here

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boston Marathon Parking Regulations

By: Isaiah Baril-Dore

 Please see Parking and Traffic Regulations relative to the
Boston Marathon weekend below:
Traffic Advisory for Monday, April 16, 2012
Boston Marathon and Patriot’s Day Activities

Drivers are cautioned that vehicle traffic will be prohibited and parking will be restricted on many streets in the City of Boston on Monday, April 16, 2012 , due to the running of the Boston Marathon as well as other Patriot’s Day activities taking place in the City. The Boston Transportation Department is strongly recommending that the public use the MBTA to travel to and from Boston on this day.


A number of streets will be closed to vehicular traffic in the days leading up to the Marathon for related purposes. These restrictions are as follows.

Friday, April 13 to Tuesday, April 17
Dartmouth Street , St. James Avenue to Boylston Street

Saturday, April 14 to Tuesday, April 17
Boylston Street , Clarendon Street to Exeter Street (intermittent closings)

Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, April 15
St. James Avenue , Arlington Street to Clarendon Street (intermittent closings)

Sunday, April 15, 8 AM - 9 AM
Tremont Street, Park Street, Beacon Street, Arlington Street, Commonwealth Avenue (inbound side), Berkeley Street, Clarendon Street, Hereford Street will be closed intermittently for the BAA5K Run

Sunday, April 15, 7:30 AM - 11 AM
Boylston Street , Dartmouth Street, Newbury Street and Exeter Street will be closed intermittently for the BAA Invitational Mile

Sunday, April 15, 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Berkeley Street , from Columbus Avenue to Newbury Street

The following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic on Monday, April 16, 2012. Streets around Copley Square will close at 6 AM , streets inside Massachusetts Avenue will close at 9:30 AM and streets outside of Massachusetts Avenue will close at 10 AM .

Beacon Street
From Chestnut Hill Avenue to the Brookline Town Line
From the Brookline Town Line to Commonwealth Avenue
Berkeley Street
From Columbus Avenue to Newbury Street
Boylston Street
From Massachusetts Avenue to Arlington Street
Commonwealth Avenue
From the Newton Town Line to Chestnut Hill Avenue
From Beacon Street to Gloucester Street
Chestnut Hill Avenue
From Commonwealth Avenue to the Brookline Town Line
Clarendon Street
From Commonwealth Avenue to Stuart Street
Dalton Street
From Belvidere Street to Boylston Street
Dartmouth Street
From Stuart Street to Newbury Street
From Columbus Avenue to Stuart Street (northbound)
Exeter Street
From Commonwealth Avenue to Huntington Avenue
Fairfield Street
From Boylston Street to Newbury Street
Gloucester Street
From Commonwealth Avenue to Boylston Street
Hereford Street
From Commonwealth Avenue to Boylston Street
Kenmore Street
From Newbury Street to Commonwealth Avenue
Kenmore Square
From Beacon Street to Commonwealth Avenue (inbound)
Newbury Street
From Fairfield Street to Massachusetts Avenue
St. James Avenue
From Arlington Street to Dartmouth Street
Stuart Street
From Dartmouth Street to Arlington Street
Trinity Place
From Saint James Avenue to Mass Turnpike On-Ramp
Providence Street
From Arlington Street to Berkeley Street
Public Alley #440
From Exeter Street to Dartmouth Street


No Parking will be allowed on the following streets on Monday, April 16, 2012. Drivers should also be aware that parking will be restricted on a number of these streets several days in advance of Marathon Monday to allow preparations to take place. Back Bay drivers are urged to pay close attention to posted signs.

Arlington Street
Both sides, from Commonwealth Avenue to Stuart Street
Beacon Street
Both sides, from Arlington Street to Charles Street
Both sides, from Chestnut Hill Avenue to the Brookline Town Line
Inbound side, from the Brookline Line to Kenmore Square
Belvidere Street
North side Huntington Avenue to Dalton Street
Berkeley Street
Both sides, Columbus Avenue to Newbury Street
Blagden Street
Both sides, Huntington Avenue to Exeter Street
Boylston Street
Both sides, Arlington Street to Exeter Street
Cambridge Street
Both sides, Bowdoin Street to Tremont Street
Charles Street
Public Garden side, Boylston Street to Beacon Street
Chestnut Hill Avenue
Both sides, Commonwealth Avenue to Beacon Street
Clarendon Street
Both sides, Newbury Street to Stuart Street
Commonwealth Avenue
Inbound side, Lake Street to Chestnut Hill Avenue
Inbound side, Kenmore Square to 200 feet beyond Hereford Street
Dalton Street
Both sides, Belvidere Street to Boylston Street
Dartmouth Street
Both sides, Boylston Street to Newbury Street
Exeter Street
East side, Boylston Street to Blagden Street
West side, Alley 441 to Boylston Street
Both sides, Newbury Street to Huntington Avenue
Fairfield Street
Both sides, Commonwealth Avenue to Newbury Street
Huntington Avenue
Odd side, Blagden Street to Exeter Street
Gloucester Street
Both sides, Newbury Street to Boylston Street
Hereford Street
Both sides, Commonwealth Avenue to Boylston Street
Kenmore Square
Inbound, Beacon Street to Commonwealth Avenue
Newbury Street
Both sides, Gloucester Street to Hereford Street
New Chardon Street
North side, Merrimac Street to Cambridge Street
Providence Street
Both sides, Arlington Street to Berkeley Street
St. James Avenue
Both sides, Arlington Street to Dartmouth Street
Stuart Street
Both sides, Dartmouth Street to Arlington Street
Tremont Street
Both sides, Cambridge Street to Stuart Street
Trinity Place
Both sides, St. James Avenue to Stuart Street

In addition, No Parking will be allowed on Sunday, April 15, 2012 , from 12:01 AM through Noon on the following streets.

Newbury Street
Both sides, from Dartmouth Street to Exeter Street
Park Street
Boston Common side, Tremont Street to Beacon Street
Tremont Street
Boston Common side, from Boylston Street to Park Street

In the interest of public safety, the Boston Police Department reserves the right to change these restrictions at any time. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Already?

By: Isaiah Baril-Dore

Hard to believe that it is still technically "winter" with these temperatures in Boston. Enjoy it folks!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bikes in Boston

By: Isaiah Baril-Dore

Ride Around Town

Anyone walking or driving through Boston recently will notice an large increase in the number of cyclists on the streets. Like it or not, the bikes are here to stay and will only be increasing in the coming years. This is mainly due to a drive by Boston (and the country!) to make cities safer and more accessible for bikes. Companies like Hubway, a short-term bike rental company which recently opened in Boston, are leading the charge to replace those rush hour horns with friendly bike bells.

New Routes

See this map?
Courtesy of City Of Boston. Full PDF here

That shows a small number of the current bikes routes in Boston. Expect this map to change drastically in the coming year. Take a look at the proposed trails/paths coming to Boston. Some highlights listed below:

Charles River Bike Path Harbor Extension
Charles River Upstream Extension
Boston Harbor Path
Boston Harbor Walk
Charlestown Waterfront Bikepath
East Boston Greenway
Emerald Necklace Greenway
North Bank Bridge Connector
South Bay Harbor Trail
West Roxbury Linear Park
Winthrop Greenway

Bike Friendly

Want Mayor Menino to recognize your company as a Bike Friendly Business? Check out this website and complete the simple and inexpensive solutions!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Great Cause!

Miles for Miracles

The challenge was in place: participate in a four hour spin class to benefit sick children at one of the nations finest hospitals... Were we up to it? Premier Property Solutions employees took this to heart and on Sunday, March 4th, we participated in The Miles for Miracles event hosted by Children Hospital Boston at Equinox Gym in Boston. Over the past few months, Premier has been fundraising money for this unbelievable, life-saving organization. Our two teams combined to raise over $6000 for the event, and two of our individual riders, Bill Lynch and Laura Cardoos, were in the top 10 of ALL participants. In total, the event raised an amazing $75,000 for the hospital that will go directly to patients in need.

So proud of everyone that came out and biked the Miles for Miracles!


Thank you Equinox Boston for Hosting
Premier Property Solutions team Fueling up!

1st Person Action

Thanks to Au Bon Pain for providing lunch! Great fuel
Laura and Kristin biking for 50 minutes.
Bill and Stacey warming up

Go Team!


Video: (in case you thought this was easy... this was an intense spin class!)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Host With The Most

Still looking for a spot to host your annual meeting....?

Look no further! Premier Property Solutions has conference rooms available for client use:

Premier Property Solutions, LLC is Boston's Premier Property Management Firm

Awesome Boston Condos


Boston Magazine just posted this article documenting a beautiful new condo that went on the market in Chinatown. Featuring some extremely unique functions and beautiful design, I couldn't help but share. Story about the condo here

Look at this condo got me thinking about some other beautiful condos I've seen in Boston. Check out some highlights below!

What a great city we live in! Love Boston!

Thanks to and for the images!

Need Help Finding an Apartment in Boston?

 At Premier Property Solutions, LLC our goal is to find you the best possible apartment at the most affordable price. We accomplish this by listening to your needs and desires and using that information to find you the most appropriate apartment to call home. Contact us to tell us what you're looking for online.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Removal Surplus

A Light Winter

With under 8 inches of snow this winter in Boston, we're on pace to break the record for the lowest snow total ever in the area. An astounding fact to be sure, and the surplus in snow removal budgets across the state testify to this light winter. After last years horrible winter, many government agencies were forced to increase their snow budget almost two-fold, expecting the worst. But what to do with it? The MBTA is using their excess cash from this year to reduce the state deficit, story here.
The same question now faces condominium associations. Snow budgets were barely touched and heating bills were low; Reserves are plump and associations are looking at 2012 with some cash in their pockets. NOW is the time to plan your Spring and Summer projects!


Be realistic in your expectations. Go over your expenditures, calculate how much money you saved this winter on heating and snow, and set up a reserve for projects. A new jacuzzi or pool may not be realistic, but sanding and re-lacquering that front door is entirely possible. Getting multiple quotes and utilizing the funds you have effectively is imperative.

We're Not Out Of It Yet!

Remember, this is New England. We've had large snowstorms in March and even April many times (remember the April Fools Day Storm in 1997 that dropped two feet of snow? I do. Jog your memory here) Do not commit to large projects or put down payments until you are sure we're out of it. Have the quotes ready and your finger on the trigger, but be care committing to expenditures until we've cleared the New England storm threshold.

Need Help?

If you need some help or assistance going over your budget for the year or planning some projects in 2012, do not hesitate to contact us at Premier Property Solutions, Boston's premier property/condominium management firm. We'd be more than happy to walk through your property and offer some useful suggestions!
Premier Property Solutions, LLC
311 Summer Street STE 200
Boston, MA 02210
P: 617-345-0045
F: 617-345-0411