Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fire Safety Recommendations for Property Owners

Shut Your Bedroom Door Before Falling Asleep

Closing your bedroom door before sleeping at night can powerfully impact the spread of a potential fire by halting the spread of smoke and heat. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 25% of home fire deaths occur from fires that originate in sleeping rooms. Consequently, closing the door before sleeping at night can provide protection against fire danger. Furthermore, the Educational Messages Advisory Committee has stated that the combination of a closed bedroom door and an adequate smoke alarm system provides powerful protection during a fire. A closed bedroom door can slow the spread of heat, smoke, and fire.

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should always be installed inside and outside of bedrooms throughout your home. The U.S Fire Administration recommends following the recommended room locations suggested by the specific manufacturer of your smoke alarm system. The highly regarded alarm system company First Alert recommends installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom throughout your house, one on every level, and one at the top of each stairwell for adequate fire preparedness. It is also recommend that fire alarm systems are replaced at least every ten years. The National Fire Protection Association also recommends that tenants and homeowners know the age of installed smoke alarms, and information about the specific manufacturer.

Property Management & Fire Education 

Property managers should always ensure their tenants are educated on proper fire procedures and precautions. A diligent property management company always protects the safety of tenants and educates tenants on fire safety knowledge. Professional property management companies provide tenants with fire safety recommendations, procedures, and tips, from fire safety professionals, along with providing properties with up-to-date fire alarm systems and fire protection devices.