Monday, June 3, 2019

Here Are Average Rents near Boston Universities

Renting near Boston Universities can vary, but can offer relatively good deals. Northeastern, Boston University, M.I.T, and Harvard have the highest apartment rents within a one-mile radius of their campus. According to newly released data, average rents near Northeastern, BU, and M.I.T, were particularly expensive: $3,335, $3,321, and $3,286 a month, each. Meanwhile, the average rent within one-mile of Harvard was $2,780. Although very pricey, this is still cheaper than the overall Cambridge average of $3,031 a month.

For Chestnut Hill, the general average rent is $3,103. Thus, renting within a one-mile radius of Boston College is significantly cheaper than renting in Chestnut Hill overall. The average rent within one-mile radius of Boston College is $2,137 a month.

Renting near Brandeis University also appears to offer a discount over Waltham rents on average (more than $100), and renting near Tufts University can also provide a generous discount against renting Medford in general.