Sunday, November 11, 2018

4 Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

1. Give your property curb appeal.

Prospective tenants will always view the outside of your property first, and first impressions are extremely important. An appealing and clean front lawn will help create an initial positive impression and set the mood for the remainder of the property tour. If you are not working with an extensive budget, upgrade whatever you can to make your property look clean and presentable. Remove fallen branches, leaves, and any debris which makes your property look worn and cluttered. Trim overgrown bushes and shrubs. Consider placing down fresh mulch, and adding bushes and flowers. Simply adding a new mailbox or a freshly painted one will make the property look fresh and new. Having outdoor lights and shutters can quickly and inexpensively make the exterior of your property pop. Furthermore, if there is a fence around your property, make sure it looks appealing. A broken fence or missing pickets is extremely unsightly, and not what any tenant wants to see. Ensure your fence is uniform and clean throughout the yard.

2. Extensively clean your entire property. 

Re-painting the entire exterior and interior of your property will add up extremely quickly, however cleaning the entire property is a more inexpensive way to increase property value. While scrubbing the exterior and interior of your property, consider painting any noticeable areas which need touch-ups. Overall, make sure the exterior of your property looks welcoming and bright. A freshly painted door gives the impression that you've actually renovated the house for the next tenant.

3. Upgrade your kitchen appliances.

Thoroughly inspect your kitchen appliances to decide if your property could use an upgrade. Brand new, shiny, and modern kitchen appliances will help raise the perceived value of your property and be extremely appealing to new tenants. Give potential tenants the functionality, quality, and aesthetic that they desire without breaking the bank. Stainless steel is the standard for modern kitchen appliances. Furthermore, the industry is moving towards appliances that are integrated within cabinetry. 

4. Create a higher demand.

A law of economics states that a commodity demands higher value when its demand goes up. If you successfully apply this rule when you're showing your property to respective tenants, you may be able to demand higher rent. If possible, invite all your prospects to inspect the house at nearly the same time. When the prospects see a large demand for your property, they will feel more inclined to pay a premium. They will also feel as if they want it more than they would otherwise. It's simply human nature.