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How To Prepare For The Baseball Playoffs in Boston

To prepare for baseball playoffs in Boston, a survival guide is in order.

Which sports bars are best for watching a game?
Which roads in and around Fenway should be avoided?
How can tickets be obtained?
Just how crazy can the playoff scene get?

These are important questions for hardcore Boston baseball fans, of course, but they also matter even more to those who are just trying to go about their normal routines during the October craziness.

Preparation Tips:

Professional Baseball in Boston: A Communal Phenomenon

A Quick Overview Of Recent Boston Sports Domination

Many residents of Boston are enthusiastic about sports, and with good reason. There may be no other city which can claim a similar level of excellence from their beloved teams.

The New England Patriots have four NFL titles to their credit and are arguably the most dominant team of the millennium. The Boston Celtics have 17 championship banners hanging in TD Garden. Six times, the Stanley Cup has made its way to Boston courtesy of the Bruins.

It is rare for a year to pass without Boston hosting a playoff game of some kind, yet there is one team above all others which drives the city into a frenzy when the postseason time arrives: the Boston Red Sox.

Boston’s storied professional baseball franchise is a communal phenomenon that touches every aspect of New England life in the fall. Whether one is a fan or not, the pulse of Boston changes when the Red Sox take that magical trip through October.

Tuning Into Baseball Forecasts in Boston

With all of this renewed success, knowing how to prepare for baseball playoffs in Boston is a must. This is especially true for those that might not be a fan of the Sox or America’s pastime.

Monitoring the outcome of games via radio and television will go a long way towards giving fans and non-fans alike a heads-up if celebrations are likely to spill over into the streets.

WEEI 93.7 FM is the local flagship station for the Red Sox and can be trusted for the latest real-time information. It can also be useful to explore lists like 10 Things to Know about Living in Boston for a general and practical overview of how the city moves and breathes.

Come October 4th of 2016, it appears that the division-leading Red Sox are primed to make another deep run in their quest for a fourth World Series title since 2004 and ninth overall. The city will resonate with increased activity in addition to its normal hustle and bustle.

From Cursed to First - The History of the Sox

From 1918 until 2004, the infamous Curse of the Bambino hovered over Fenway Park, the oldest operating ballpark in the United States, like a funeral shroud. Thought to be punishment for selling Babe Ruth to the hated New York Yankees in the 1919 off-season, the curse was broken in 2004 when the Boston Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals to capture the World Series.

Since that time, the home team has brought the city two more World Series titles. It is clear that any slight suffered by the Bambino is forgiven. If the Babe were alive today, he’d probably be joining in with the locals at the Cask ‘n Flagon in the shadow of Fenway Park for a cold beer and a bowl of New England clam chowder.

Navigating Traffic During the Baseball Playoffs in Boston

The first consideration for Boston residents is how the baseball playoffs can impact traffic in the city. Those who commute to Boston for work every day are particularly affected.

Each year at playoff time, the City of Boston publishes a list of routes and tow-zones that locals should familiarize themselves with. The City of Boston first and foremost advises the use of public transportation during the playoffs whenever possible.

Areas and streets that are typically designated as no parking tow zones include:
  • Boylston Street from Yawkey Way to Ipswich Street
  • Van Ness Street from Kilmarnock to Ipswich Street
  • Brookline Avenue from Kenmore Square to Overland Street
  • Lansdowne Street from Brookline Avenue to Ipswich Street
  • Ipswich Street from Boylston to Lansdowne Street
  • Yawkey Way from Brookline Avenue to Boylston Street

Don't Get Towed: While restrictions are typically imposed beginning at four hours prior to game time, parking in one of these areas prior to the implementation of traffic and parking regulations does not exempt one from being towed. In other words, those who park at 8 a.m. in a restricted zone could be very unhappy when they return from work or other activities at 5 p.m. and find that their vehicle has been towed.

Pay Parking Fees: The city regularly deploys extra enforcement personnel to the Fenway/Kenmore area during the playoff to ensure compliance and that all parking lots are duly licensed to provide parking for a fee. Attempting to park in a lot without authorization is ill-advised. Extra personnel are also utilized for maintenance and emergency support.

Carpool or Avoid Driving: Like all major cities, Boston has a natural flow and rhythm. It will pay to work within the context of how the traffic flows toward the epicenter that is Fenway Park in October. The ballpark is the hub, and for those few magical weeks it dictates the flow. This is a great time to carpool or even avoid driving whenever possible.

3 Popular Bars to Enjoy the Baseball Playoffs in Boston

Not everyone will be fortunate enough to score tickets and great seats at Fenway. Even though nothing can compare to the sound of the ball as it explodes off of Big Papi’s bat, here are some popular bars in the Fenway area where the game can be enjoyed in comfort while surrounded by other passionate Red Sox fans.

1. The Baseball Tavern

Since 1963, The Baseball Tavern at 1270 Boylston has been a friendly gathering spot during baseball season. Featuring one of the city’s only roof decks, patrons can sit atop the pub and look out over Fenway Park.

Rooftop grilling is illegal in Boston, so picking a spot like this is a way one can still enjoy a nice meal and alcoholic beverage outdoors in the vicinity of the ballpark.
The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is laid-back.

2. The Bleacher Bar

The Bleacher Bar is truly a Fenway landmark. Located at 82A Lansdowne Street, this bar actually sits beneath the centerfield bleachers in Fenway very close to Ted Williams’ Red Seat.

It features screened windows that look out directly on the outfield. Those who prize ambiance as well as great food and drink will love this little tavern which truly embraces a love for baseball.

3. McGreevy’s

McGreevy’s traces its history to 1894 when it was called McGreevy’s Third Base Saloon.

McGreevy’s in Back Bay proudly claims the title of America’s first sports bar. It is situated at 911 Boylston, close enough to the ballpark that it captures the essence of playoff fever.

This is the place to go if you want to soak in the rich history of sports in Boston. With fine Irish Whiskey and signature drinks like Peach on a Bender, McGreevy’s has a great vibe. If one happens to be a fan of the Yankees, heavens forbid, it is probably wise to give McGreevy’s a wide berth at playoff time. The Red Sox fans who congregate here are among Boston’s most loyal.

Final Reminders for a Safe and Fun Experience

Rooting for the home team as they contend for a championship is something all sports fans enjoy, and the City of Boston encourages everyone to get in the spirit of the postseason. With that being said, responsibility should always rule the day.

The standard exhortations apply: have a designated driver, respect the surroundings and locales, and take some time to prepare for baseball playoffs in Boston ahead of time.

Get Last Minute Tickets

Playoff tickets can be hard to come by, even in September, but outlets like Stub Hub often have tickets available from other fans. Shopping the various ticket outlets online is the most efficient way to find the best prices and the best seats.

Check the local papers and television stations each day for weather information and other specifics related to the game. As always, the best source of information is that which is received from local sources.

Drink Responsibly

Remember to always carry extra cash and identification. Assign a designated driver to get everyone home safely. When in doubt of yours or your designated driver's sobriety, always choose to take a professional car service instead of driving. Your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road is paramount. Additionally, Police are waiting to catch drivers who are under the influence and getting a DUI is a sure-fire way to ruin your time at the playoffs.

Have a Peaceful Celebration

Things can get a little rowdy in places where fans gather during the playoffs. Emotions run high. When combined with alcohol, those emotions can occasionally turn a peaceful celebration into an ugly scene. It pays for individuals to mind their surroundings, monitor the pulse of what is taking place, and avoid trouble before it starts.

The worst place to watch the Red Sox is a Boston jail, and local law enforcement is probably less tolerant of those who engage in bad behavior during playoff time.

Practice Good Sportsmanship

Lastly, respect for the game and Boston’s fine sports teams includes respect for fans of opposing teams. Good-natured ribbing is fine, but locals can seize the baseball playoffs as a great opportunity to put a great face on Boston as a courteous host.

Celebrating Boston Pride & Excellence

Boston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States. When Boston sports teams make the playoffs, however, a unity emerges that touches the entirety of Boston culture. For a few blissful days, sports fans and those who have little interest in stolen bases and walk-off homers join together and take pride in their city.

As a leader among Boston property managers, Premier Property Solutions gets the concept of excellence which drives professional sports in Boston. To be the best here, it involves a commitment not only to one’s sport or business, but to the great city of Boston and the many people that make it thrive.