Friday, September 13, 2013

Attention: Rooftop Grilling is Illegal!

Summer is just about to end and fall is approaching! The weather is great and football season just started. What better way to have some fun and bring everyone together other than...grilling! In a couple of months, winter will be coming and grilling is definitely not an option. So while the weather is warm, grilling is great way to spend some quality time over food. A popular option is grilling at home, either on the porches or the rooftop. Cooking at home is comfortable as you have more access to cookware and do not have to worry about forgetting anything. But did you know rooftop and porch grilling is illegal in Massachusetts? Here's a summary from a blog post explaining the dangers of rooftop and porch grilling and why it is illegal:

  • It may seem safe but Steve MacDonald, spokesman for the Boston Fire Department, says not a summer has gone by where there has not been an out-of-control blaze caused by illegal grilling
  • Nearly half the fires caused by grilling illegally happens between 5pm to 8pm usually during the summer months
  • Massachusetts state laws say no propane or charcoal grills are allowed above ground level at all (especially on rooftops and porches)
  • There are exceptions to the rule, but involves professional care and city inspection
Grilling is fun and delicious but safety is always first! Not only for you but also for those around you. So the next time you grill, do it away from the house. 

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