Saturday, February 6, 2021

Where in Boston Should You Live? Main Factors To Consider

1.    Your Commute 


The first factor to take into consideration when choosing which neighborhood to live in Boston is your commute to work or school. Wasting time with a long commute isn’t ideal, so often your commute time will be a defining factor in choosing the right neighborhood. When evaluating your commute time, it is important to factor in fuel and/or possibly toll expenses. Some Boston neighborhoods only require a resident sticker which is fairly easy to obtain, while other Boston neighborhoods do not offer any parking. This means you may need to rent a parking space, which can be extremely expensive. If you plan to use public transportation in order to commute then you need to factor in the monthly cost of that as well. You also need to consider how close the apartment is to the T station or bus stop



2.    Amenities and Features 


Another defining factor will be the amenities and features you are searching for. Make sure you figure which amenities are dealbreakers and which are simply luxuries you would prefer. This is highly important, because you don’t want to end up regretting the apartment you chose because it doesn’t have your highest regarded features. Therefore, knowing your priorities and what you value most is key. That being said, working with a professional real estate agent who specializes in the Boston rental market will significantly increase your chances of finding the right apartment which fully satisfies you. 


3.    Budget


Figuring out your budget is extremely important when deciding which neighborhood would be a best fit. Also if you are working with a tight budget it is extremely important that you deicide which priorities are valued more. For example, is it more important you are in the exact location you want, or that you have a brand new and modern apartment? If you have a tight budget and living in Back Bay is your ultimate goal, then you may have to live in an older unit to fit your price point.


Overall, moving to Boston can be a stressful but incredibly rewarding experience. The city has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, historic beauty, and rich experiences. When you work with Premier Property Solutions, our team of agents will provide exclusive apartment listings and are exceptionally familiar with the properties throughout Boston. Contact us today if you are ready to find your dream apartment in Boston and make it a reality!