Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Removal Surplus

A Light Winter

With under 8 inches of snow this winter in Boston, we're on pace to break the record for the lowest snow total ever in the area. An astounding fact to be sure, and the surplus in snow removal budgets across the state testify to this light winter. After last years horrible winter, many government agencies were forced to increase their snow budget almost two-fold, expecting the worst. But what to do with it? The MBTA is using their excess cash from this year to reduce the state deficit, story here.
The same question now faces condominium associations. Snow budgets were barely touched and heating bills were low; Reserves are plump and associations are looking at 2012 with some cash in their pockets. NOW is the time to plan your Spring and Summer projects!


Be realistic in your expectations. Go over your expenditures, calculate how much money you saved this winter on heating and snow, and set up a reserve for projects. A new jacuzzi or pool may not be realistic, but sanding and re-lacquering that front door is entirely possible. Getting multiple quotes and utilizing the funds you have effectively is imperative.

We're Not Out Of It Yet!

Remember, this is New England. We've had large snowstorms in March and even April many times (remember the April Fools Day Storm in 1997 that dropped two feet of snow? I do. Jog your memory here) Do not commit to large projects or put down payments until you are sure we're out of it. Have the quotes ready and your finger on the trigger, but be care committing to expenditures until we've cleared the New England storm threshold.

Need Help?

If you need some help or assistance going over your budget for the year or planning some projects in 2012, do not hesitate to contact us at Premier Property Solutions, Boston's premier property/condominium management firm. We'd be more than happy to walk through your property and offer some useful suggestions!
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