Friday, December 28, 2012

Breathe Easy This Winter

By: Lauren Hale

As far as health goes, good air quality is of high importance.  New England Condominium shares their findings in a recent article posted on                                                      

“What happens in the wintertime is that you are solely relying on your HVAC system and with that you’re not getting an adequate amount of fresh air from the outside, especially residentially,” says Michael Capillo, principal owner of Continental Clean Air in Wakefield, Massachusetts. “If you have poor filter maintenance in your HVAC system you’re basically breathing in finer particulate that may be circulated through your home or condo, and that gives you a greater risk of getting sick or catching a cold or becoming ill with seasonal allergies. This time of year a lot of people neglect keeping an eye on their filter. It’s all based on usage. If it’s a real, real cold winter, that heating system is going to be running 24/7. So your filter is important.”

Do your part to ensure that you are living in a healthy indoor environment and take preventative measures to ensure your home is safe and free of harmful toxins.  Reach out to Premier Property Solutions to schedule the following services:

ü  Clean your HVAC system
ü  Replace your furnace filter         
ü  Inspect your vents, ducts and air handling units                                                                                           
Click on the following link to complete an online service request through PPS -- Maintenance Request

Happy, Safe Holidays!

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