Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Residential Building on A Street Just One of Many New Developments in South Boston

By: Robert Gorden

There will be a new 20 story building featuring a whopping 202 apartments near our Premier Property Solutions, LLC office located on A Street. The Portland Oregon based developer Mark Edlen of Gerding Elden decided to make a $120 million investment after visiting Boston on a recent trip.

This comes just one month after the construction of the Waterside Place housing development began on the South Boston waterfront. The development includes another 20 story building including 236 resident units, 10,000 square feet of retail space and 7,000 square feet of work space for start up companies.

Gerding Elden is one of four major waterfront developers who are making their mark on the area with their buildings, even in these difficult economic times. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino stated “From the very start of our plan for the waterfront, we knew housing would be a crucial part of the equation. There are a lot of exciting things happening down here, from the arts to the restaurants and more, and people want to be part of it.”

The other major developers who are investing in the waterfront are Joe Fallon at Fan Pier, Steve Karp at Pier 4 and John Haynes who is working on Seaport Square.

Just by walking around the Seaport District, it’s easy to see how much construction is underway and how much has already been done. The future for this area looks bright with many companies, restaurants and housing developments moving in. With the start of the new Edlen building on A Street, there will be close to 1,000 residential units under construction by the end of the year in this area.

This is an exciting time for the area, and with our Premier Property Solutions, LLC office located right in the middle of it all, we will have a front row view of the developments.  It will be exciting to see where it is today, compared to where it will be in the next five years.

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