Monday, September 19, 2011

Winter is coming!

Welcome everyone to Premier Property Solutions first ever blog post! We are extremely excited about this new feature not only for our clients, but for anyone interested in learning more about our industry or important facts for their home.

New England Weather

If this winter is anything like the 300 before it, we can expect multiple feet of snow and below zero temperature for weeks on end. Boston's historic districts are drafty by nature, but here are some tips to efficiently keep that heat in your home and keep fuel costs low:

  1. Wrap your windows! By installing shrink wrap plastic that can be purchased at your local hardware store, you can save 7-10 degrees of heat loss in your home!
  2. Check your vents. Make sure that all furniture and heavy drapes are 2-3 feet away from any vents or radiators. These can greatly affect heat conduction and the temperature in your home.
  3. Make sure your storm windows are installed properly and closed for the duration of the winter.
  4. By purchasing a programmable thermostat and setting the temperature 8-10 degrees cooler during the day when you are not home, you can save 10% on your heating bill!
  5. A little caulk goes a long way. Make sure all exterior windows are properly caulked and weatherized.
  6. Contact your property manager and make sure your boiler/heating system is properly serviced heading into the winter.
If all of the above fail and your heating systems are up to date, throw on a Patriots sweater and put a smile on our faces!

Got Tips?

If you have any questions or extra tips that we did not mention, leave a comment below, shoot us a tweet @MAcondoMGMT on Twitter or post on our wall on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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