Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Protect Your Property on "Cabbage Night"

Cabbage Night is Not Celebrated with Corned Beef!

Cabbage Night, Mischief Night, and Hell Night are all names that teenagers (typically) use to describe the Annual tradition of carrying out pranks the night before Halloween. Mischievous teens all around the country get dressed up in black and stealthily go out with back-packs full of toilet paper, rotten eggs and shaving cream to raise havoc in their neighborhoods.

Whether you spend this October 30th getting your costume ready to celebrate Halloween or watching the Red Sox make history, here are a couple of easy steps you can take to protect your property from vandals and mischief makers this Halloween season.

Prepare Your Property In Advance

Before it gets dark this October 30th, make sure to take a walk around your property and be on the lookout for the following issues.
  • Keep The Lights On - Make sure all of your exterior lights are in working order, and ensure that all entrances are well-lit throughout the night.
  • Talk to Neighbors - Speak with your neighbors and encourage your them to keep their lights on overnight as well. Sometimes a well-lit block is all you need to deter would-be vandals.
  • Lock Doors & Windows - Inspect all of your doors and window to ensure the locks are in working order. Make sure to close all windows and doors securely for the night.
  • Don't Forget Your Car - Make sure you have rolled your windows all the way up and locked the doors on your car. Inspect your car and remove any items that may look tempting from the interior of the car. If you have an assigned parking spot, make sure to display your parking tags. If you have on-street parking and live in a particularly rowdy neighborhood in Boston, you may want to consider parking your car in a garage overnight.
  • Emergency Contact Info - Have phone numbers for emergency services, your property management company, and tow company readily available.
  • Check Your Alarm & Set It! - If you have an alarm for your property, make sure that everything is in working order prior to setting it for the night. Blinking red lights and beeping noises are typically a sign that something needs attention.

In the event of mischief or vandalism, call your property management company to arrange for clean up services.

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