Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Preparing for Summer Apartment Turnover in Boston

School's Out for Summer! How to Prepare, as a Tenant or Landlord, for Summer Apartment Turnover in Boston

Many American cities undergo a remarkable transformation as the summer season approaches, but for Boston property management, that changeover is can be quite a drastic changeover.

The primary reason for this notable makeover hinges on the fact that more than 150,000 students are registered in Boston-area learning institutions, and while those numbers swell the city population when school is in session, there is an equal diminution when classes let out.

Apart from all the changes which occur to Boston's daily commerce and its prevailing atmosphere, there are also huge changes in the tenancy of apartment buildings and other student housing facilities in the area. 

In this article, learn how landlords and tenants would be well advised to take steps to prepare for the coming mass exodus in the summer, and to keep an eye on the inevitable fall return.

What should a property manager or tenant do to prepare for Summer vacation?

Tenants will, of course, have to provide landlords with notification about their intentions regarding the premises, i.e. whether you intend to actually leave for the summer, and if so, whether you intend to return in the fall, should the premises still be available. 

According to Massachusetts State Law, when open-ended rental agreements are in effect for three months or longer, a full three month's notice is required to be provided to a landlord. For month-to-month leases, only one month notice is necessary.

Property owners and managers should immediately begin seeking replacement tenants, as soon as current tenant intentions are known. By advertising vacancies at the earliest opportunity, chances become much greater of finding tenants to replace any departing students.

What are the Options for Tenants to Return to the Same Apartment in the Fall? 

It would be ideal to arrange this, since it would eliminate the need to search for suitable accommodations in the fall, as well as help avoid the necessity of removing all your furnishings when you students leave for the summer. 

If you have the financial means to continue the rental agreement during your absence, or you can arrange with another student or friend to serve as a replacement tenant, it could certainly save a great deal of hassle.

In most cases, this would also probably work out very well for landlords, since it would not be necessary to search for replacement tenants. This is especially true when the possibility arises at the end of every semester, and the same requirement of renting the apartment becomes necessary.

Planning in Advance for Extended Leave from an Apartment

In a situation where you are vacating the premises as a tenant, and they will not be occupied until you return in the fall, there are some preparatory steps you should take. 

Checklist for Tenants to Prepare for Summer Vacation

  • Turn off utilities like gas and water
  • Make sure appliances are all off
  • Take out trash and clean dishes
  • Stop or redirect mail to your summer place of residence.
  • Provide your landlord with your emergency contact information, should there be a need to reach you prior to re-occupation. 
  • Arrange with your landlord to pay online, or remit the monthly amounts via postal mail. 

Checklist for Landlords to Prepare for Summer Vacation

  • Confirm that all utilities have been turned off for the duration of the tenant's extended absence.
  • Make sure you have the correct key for emergency entry according to tenant privacy laws.
  • Review with your tenant any potential maintenance that may be upcoming during summer
  • Provide your tenant with contacts for Boston property maintenance and emergency support

Enjoy Summer, Prepare for the Fall

By following these simple guidelines for summer preparation, both tenant and landlord can enjoy the summer season equally. 

If both parties take the time to inform themselves of Massachusetts regulations regarding landlord and tenants, misunderstandings should be virtually eliminated, and both will have an understanding of their rights and obligations. 

Enjoy your summer, and come back to watch the autumn transformation take place in the city along the Charles River!


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