Monday, December 12, 2016

Staying Safe Around the Holidays in Boston

There is nothing quite like all the good cheer and joy associated with the holiday season. When friends and relatives get together to celebrate the season and leave behind the cares and concerns of jobs and other priorities.

Amid all this good cheer, though, it's good to keep in mind some points about holiday safety in Boston, so nothing spoils the mood. Unfortunately, some individuals see the holidays as a time to take advantage of others.

With this in mind, all Boston area residents would do well to remember some of the following precautions and keep the season safe. From a property manager in Boston, here are some easy safety tips to help you enjoy your holidays both inside & outside your home.

Holiday Safety Outside the Home

Once you step outside the safety of your home or apartment, there's literally a whole world of things that can go wrong during the holidays.

From weather to robbery to driving under the influence of liquid cheer, there are any number of ways that a good time can quickly be transformed into a holiday nightmare. Here are the best tips we have to keep you safe outside of your home.

  • Dress Appropriately - this might seem pretty obvious, but on a given winter day in Boston, the weather could range anywhere from spring-like to blizzard-like. Before you venture outside, it would be good to know which kind of weather you're walking out into. This means wearing layered clothing in cold weather, protecting your face, and having suitable footwear which can grip surfaces. 
  • Protect Yourself from Theft - when you travel somewhere, make sure your wallets are secure and purses are not left sitting anywhere, making them susceptible to easy theft. It's best to not  carry large sums of cash either, just in case the unthinkable does happen.
  • When you’re out shopping - remember to leave the lights on in your apartment, and maybe even leave the radio playing to give the illusion that someone is home. When you're Christmas shopping, don't get in a situation where you're carrying a number of boxes or bags, because someone can easily dash off with those shopping bags.

  • Child safety - don't let children get lost in the holiday crowd, and when you're out in a busy area, make sure to discuss a plan beforehand which identifies a place to meet, in case you should become separated for any reason.
  • Vehicle safety - even if it happens to be a super-cold day, you shouldn't leave your vehicle running while you 'quickly' run into a store for something, regardless of whether someone is in the car or not. If you're moving on to another store, make sure you don't leave your bags and boxes exposed to view in the car while you're inside.
  • Celebrating and partying - holiday driving can be one of the riskiest times on the road, not only because of potential weather issues, but because a lot of other people may be coming from celebrations, and are not as alert or responsible as normal. If you're hosting a party, make sure no one leaves intoxicated, and if you're attending one, be sure to eat something substantial before drinking.

Holiday Safety Inside Your Home

Most people feel very safe inside their own residence since all those external dangers discussed above are largely neutralized.

However, there are still some hazards to be aware of. Decorations add a great deal to the holiday spirit, but they also provide many opportunities for accidents. Here are the best tips and tricks we have to keep you safe inside your home during the holidays.

  • Have a functional fire extinguisher - in case any kind of fire breaks out, you'll want a working fire extinguisher which has been regularly tested.
  • Don't leave food in the oven - many fires in the past have started because something was left in the oven over a long period of time and forgotten. 
  • Don't leave candles lit - most of the time, a candle will just burn itself out right in its holder - but if you leave it burning while you're out shopping, that might be the one time in ten that a flame spills over the holder.
  • Water the Christmas tree - be sure that your Christmas tree is well hydrated, so it doesn't become overly dry in the de-humidified air of your apartment, making it a huge fire hazard.

  • Don't overload electrical outlets - when you have lots of holiday lights and gadgets that require electricity, you might be tempted to overload your outlets. This can create a dangerous situation, perfect for sparking a flame.
  • Remove frayed wires - especially on older Christmas ornaments and lights, frayed wires can be a hazard, so these should all be examined before usage.
  • Supplemental heat sources - make sure your fireplace is clean and the flue is unclogged. If you use portable heaters, make sure they're not stationed near anything flammable, and that they're not left running for hours at a time. Along those same lines, make sure your CO detectors are in good order.
  • Make sure smoke detectors work - Massachusetts law says there must be a functional smoke detector outside every bedroom, at the bottom of stairways, and at least one on each level of a home. This is an easy tip to make sure you are aware if any fire does break out.

Stay Safe and Spread the Holiday Spirit

All in all, the holidays are a great time to not get away from your worries and spend time with those who mean the most to you. Following the tips above will make for a stress-free and joyous holiday season.

We want you to enjoy yourselves and help prevent any safety issues from happening. From everyone here at Premier Property Solutions, we hope you have a safe and beautiful holiday with your friends and family.

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