Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Boston Rent Remains Among the Most Expensive in the Nation

As spring is approaching, Boston rents have remained among the most expensive in the nation. According to a recently published report from real estate listings site Zumper, the median one-bedroom rent as of February 28th, stood at $2,390 a month, and a median two-bedroom stood at $2,750. Rent stayed flat in February, and essentially remained unchanged from a month prior.

Boston coming in as one of the nation’s priciest cities to live in is no surprise. Boston has consistently ranked as having similar rent prices to San Francisco, New York, San Jose, Los Angeles, and more. The spring of 2019 will most likely see the same high rent prices. In fact, the only other city in the Northeast that comes even close to Boston in terms of renting costs, is New York. Boston is still leading as the fourth most expensive to live in within the entire nation, just ranking below San Francisco, New York, and San Jose.

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