Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Report: Cost to Rent Two-bedroom in Boston Rises 8.5%

According to a report released by Zumper on Monday, Boston is still the third most expensive place for renters in the U.S. Only New York City and San Francisco ranked higher. 

In metro Boston, the median price of a one-bedroom apartment increased 5.4 percent year over year to $2,530, while the price of a two-bedroom unit jumped 8.5 percent to $2,930.

Providence, Rhode Island ranked #18 on the list. The median rent for a one-bedroom in the Rhode Island capital remained stable at $1,480, while the cost for a two-bedroom rose 3.7 percent year over year to $1,700.

Nationally, rents have overall increased. The median rents for one- and two-bedroom units are up approximately 2.5 percent year over year — to $1,237 and $1,480, respectively. 

According to the report, these cities are the most expensive for renters: 

1.    San Francisco, CA  ($3,530)
2.    New York, NY ($3,000)
3.    Boston, MA ($2,530)
4.    Oakland, CA ($2,500)
5.    San Jose, CA ($2,450)
6.    Los Angeles, CA ($2,300)
7.    Washington, DC ($2,300)
8.    Seattle, WA ($1,880)
9.    San Diego, CA ($1,830)
10.  Miami, FL ($1,710)

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