Friday, July 6, 2018

4 Trends Driving Apartment Traffic in 2018

As the summer of 2018 begins, it's a great time to step back and review all your existing real estate marketing approaches, and analyze ways to adapt your advertising approaches to the ever-changing real estate market. It's important to study how renters are shopping for apartments in 2018, in order to better align your advertising approaches with those behaviors. By studying how consumers of all generations are searching for real estate properties and apartment rentals in 2018, some key trends are continuously appearing. Here are some of the top trends driving apartment traffic in 2018:

1. Virtual Tours

One very important visual tool in your apartment marketing approach should be virtual tours. In an age dominated by technology driven content, consumers are expecting more technologically advanced advertisements to hold their attention. People want to see every detail of the place they are going to live, therefore video tours and virtual tours are crucial to bringing in residents. Make the investment in your visual advertisements to show potential residents you are already serious about making them happy, and conducting your real estate business with professionalism and technologically advanced techniques.

2. Social Media 

The average millennial spends 15 hours a day consuming media, often multiple forms at once. What this research means for real estate companies is important. Today, it is imperative to spend most of your marketing budget geared towards social media, primarily on sending out advertising messages. Integrating advertising and social media is necessary to stay relevant and successful. 

3. Make it Easier for Prospective Clients to Do Business with You

When advertising real estate properties, your intent is to always bring in prospective clients to tour the property, and ultimately take the next step towards signing the lease. Make it easier for prospective clients to schedule apartment tours from their mobile device or computer, with online tour scheduling options. Calling directly on the phone can be a hassle sometimes, by quickly allowing prospective clients to schedule tours online you will increase the number of apartment tours. Also, consider installing a live chat & message feature on your real estate property advertisements. Small questions that may be holding up prospective clients, can be quickly answered and accelerate the rental process. 

4. Blogging

Creating user-generated blog content and keeping prospective and current residents in the know regarding your brand is imperative in today's competitive real estate market. Blogging has many key benefits, including bringing directed traffic to your real estate website from people searching general real estate topics on the internet. Furthermore, current residents will be impressed with your effort and ability to maintain communication and keep them updated regarding important real estate topics. Publishing detailed real estate blogs may answer many questions for both prospective and current residents, that will decrease the amount of questions your property managers and real estate agents are receiving. 

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