Monday, July 9, 2018

Expert Tips For Saving Space in Your Boston Rental

Finding an affordable apartment in Boston with plenty of room and extra storage space is becoming challenging, as property prices skyrocket. Fitting all of your belongings in a small one-bedroom apartment can be extremely difficult, and requires creative space-saving style solutions. Creatively managing your storage and minimizing clutter will overall make your small apartment appear larger, cleaner, and more open. Luckily, we consulted with top interior designers on how to save space and create more storage without comprising on style. Here is what they recommended as space-saving style solutions for each room in your apartment:

1. Bedroom

Utilizing the space under your bed for storage is key, and makes your room look less cluttered and cramped. If you are looking to conserve space, designers highly recommend using your bed as storage, either finding a frame with drawers included, or using plastic boxes and woven bins that slide under your bed for easy access. If you are feeling extra creative, you can even purchase a loft bed. Loft beds are one of the best ways to make the most of a really tiny space. If you don't mind climbing up a ladder to your bed, loft beds completely open up the space underneath your bed for storage, a desk, or lounge area. Furthermore, nightstands are another useful opportunity for storage in a stylish way.

2. Living Room

While decorating your living room, aim to decorate the space in a vertical way, which will open up the space and make the apartment appear larger than it actually is. Using bookshelves will make the room look more open and inviting, while serving as convenient storage opportunities. Interior designers recommended purchasing an ottoman or table with inner storage compartments, which will help hide clutter without comprising on style.  Ottomans with storage spaces can even be topped with trays to make them multi-purposeful.

3. Kitchen

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, storage spaces are not only limited to cabinets and counters. Installing freestanding shelves and racks will open up countertop space while serving as useful storage areas. If your kitchen doesn't already come with recessed lighting, interior designers recommend purchasing sconces that can be plugged into an outlet. 

4. Bathroom

Standard bathrooms include storage space below the bathroom sink and above the vanity, but interior designers recommend installing freestanding shelves above the toilet. Furthermore, install removable hooks to the backs of doorways and mount adjustable tension rods to allow easy access to towels and other necessary items. 

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